premier recording & rehearsal studio in Perth

recording studio equipment


Unlock your musical potential with our fully-equipped rehearsal studios, tailored to fuel your creativity and elevate your performances.

Rehearsal studio space


Experience professional-grade sound and capture your artistry at its best with our premier recording studios, where creativity knows no bounds.

podcast studio mic


Elevate your podcasting game with our state-of-the-art recording studios, where your ideas find a voice and your stories come to life.

rehearsal studio equipment

professional rehearsals

Emerald Room Studios was built with rehearsal in mind. 

Enjoy our top-notch facilities, where musicians in Perth can unlock their true potential and refine their artistry. Embrace the perfect setting for growth and excellence in our soundproofed rehearsal rooms, equipped with high-quality PA equipment, catering to a diverse range of acts, from solo performers to full bands.

Brian Eno
"The studio is the laboratory, not the canvas. The canvas is the stage."
David Grohl
"The studio is a sacred place where you can create magic."
Eddie Van Halen
"The recording studio is the only place where you can truly capture the essence and energy of a song."
Stevie Wonder
"The studio is a sanctuary for me. It's the one place I can fully express myself and bring my ideas to fruition."
Quincy Jones
"The recording studio is the ultimate instrument."
Paul McCartney
"The studio is a place of endless possibilities. You can take a simple idea and turn it into something extraordinary."
"The recording studio is where the songs find their voice and take on a life of their own."
Bruce Spingsteen
"The recording studio is where you can capture the raw emotion and energy of a performance."
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crisp, clear recording

Capture the moment, express yourself, and create art effortlessly. Our studio offers the perfect environment for recording, where innovative design, top-quality backline, and extensive experience converge to eliminate all barriers hindering the creation of incredible music. Let your talent shine in an inspiring space tailored to bring out the best in your artistry.

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